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How To: Quick Easy Updo Hairstyle

Here is a quick and easy updo that I did for one of my recent image consulting photo shoots.  If you are new to doing hairstyles this is super easy and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Perfect for every day or dressy occasions!

All you need are the following:

* Hair elastic

* Bobby pins

* Hairspray

* Hair serum

* Hair accessories for embellishment

Step 1:

Apply a bit of hair serum to the hair (we did not use any serum on the image above, hence the slight frizz)

Step 2:

Pull hair back and secure in a high ponytail.

Step 3:

Take small sections of the hair and wrap around your fingers rolling towards the base of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 4:

Apply hairspray for extra hold.

Step 5:

Add a jewel head band (like above), crystal pins or flowers as embellishment.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.


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Summer Hairstyles: Chic Bohemian Braid Video

This is a lovely bohemian-inspired hairstyle that is perfect for summer, prom or weddings. You can use fabric such as satin, silk or velvet to add a romantic effect. I think that flower and crystal embellishments gives the hairstyle an ethereal feel.

I am not sure if I can do this on my own so a second pair of hands will definitely help.

See the video below by Johny Lavoy from Ford Models:

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