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How to Rock a Fur Vest (With Confidence)

By: Francesca Castor

We all know those looks, you know the fashion pictures that look absolutely gorgeous in the magazines or blogs…but when you try it at home it just doesn’t seem to translate as well into your everyday wear as you thought it would. But now that fall has so swiftly arrived and you find yourself transitioning back into those cute over-the-knee-socks, tights, and layers again you just can’t help but wonder how awesome it would look if you could try out one of those trendy pieces you see on style blogs and magazines.

One of the best pieces for fall has got to be the (faux) fur vest. Not only is it pretty versatile but it also adds character to your outfit. So how does one rock a faux fur vest without feeling like everyone is looking at like you’re a crazy person? Simple: it’s all about confidence. I know, I know easier said than done but here are a few ways to integrate the (faux) fur vest into your outfits without feeling like you’re part of a zoo exhibit.

Keep it minimalist: Try wearing it with a black top, jeans, and a pair of cute boots or heels. Simple, yet highly effective and the (faux) fur vest makes it super trendy without trying too hard.



Put a dress with it: Another way is to keep it light and fun with a cute dress, tights, and the (faux) fur vest on top. This keeps the look funky with a hint of bohemian.


Try to make it transitional: Lastly, if you want to keep it casual and/or transitional wear the (faux) fur vest on top of a sheer top (printed or solid), and jeans (colored if you want to keep it fun); add some accessories like necklaces and bracelets and it’s a look that can transition from day to night.

But the point of all of this is to make sure you are comfortable in what you’re wearing…with or without the (faux) fur vest. See, all of these suggested outfits are outfits you can wear without the vest and adding the vest into the mix just changes it up a little. The (faux) fur vest is a fun, trendy piece that shouldn’t be feared but embraced…with confidence of course! So wear your (faux) fur vest proudly because it won’t be long before spring and summer are upon us!

Francesca Castor is a freelance writer. Her work has appeared on FASHIONOTES, Talentegg, and Trendhunter among others. Follow her on Twitter at @hellochesca.

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