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How to Look Fabulous with What You Already Have.

By: The Cheap Girl – Oliva De Leon-Gan

Have you ever wondered why some women have that certain je ne sais quoi? It is not about having the most expensive shoes or a personal stylist and makeup artist at your beck and call. Believe it or not, one does not have to spend a fortune to look fabulous and polished.  It is all about simplifying, streamlining and honing the basics.  Without this foundation the fabulously fabulous decked out femme would look rather dowdy, messy, tacky or all of the above. So now let’s analyze this woman from head to toe and find out how to get the look.


Hair should always be neat, well-groomed and suited to one’s face. If you don’t have the time to fix it everyday, opt for a wash and go cut the next time you see your hair dresser or roll it up in a sleek chignon and secure with a pin. Invest in a good flat iron or learn how to blow dry your hair straight. How your hair looks can make or break your overall appearance. You can be dressed to the nines but if your hair is frizzy and unattractive, you might as well stay home and lock yourself in the bathroom.


Natural looks best. Choose neutral colours or pick a focal point and leave the rest of the face bare. Always work with a clean base (i.e cover any blemishes, oil spots etc.). Once you have that, everything will just depend on how much time you have. Check your makeup under natural light. Pressed for time? The five things that you need for a clean, natural, fresh-faced look are 2-in-1 powder foundation (or whatever is suited to your skin type), eye lash curler, mascara, lip gloss and bronzer.

Personal Hygiene

There is nothing worse than a beautiful, well-dressed woman with B.O, bad breath and dirty nails. Enough said.


No matter the budget. Clothes should always be tailored to fit well. Too tight or too baggy clothes can look messy and cheap. Clothes should also be wrinkle and lint free and clean.  Any buttons missing should be sewn and holes should be repaired. Shoes should be polished and shined. Take one hour out of the week to make sure that clothes and shoes are presentable so that when you are in a rush you don’t have to worry about such things.


Last but not least, stand up straight, pretend that you own the room, look people in the eye, thrust your shoulders back, head and chin up and walk like a dancer and don’t forget to smile. You are now ready to conquer the world.

Image: Bargain Queen

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