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Ethical Fashion Canada: Lilikoi Sale

Lilikoi Sale ethical fashion

Lily Skirt $90 SALE $25

Lilikoi Sale ethical fashion canadaLilikoi Remnant Skirt $90 SALE $30

Lilikoi Sale ethical fashion canada

    Sunflower Dress $160 SALE $50

 About Lilikoi:

The Lilikoi women’s clothing line has a strong emphasis on hand printed cloth. Each print is an original drawing transferred to a silk screen. The individual prints are used for limited production runs, ensuring the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. The fabric is hand printed at the Lilikoi studio in Nelson, British Columbia.

All cutting, printing, sewing, and design work is done by local Canadian employees who are well paid for their skill.

At Lilikoi we strive for a sustainable future and have brought our commitment to the environment into our design work. We use sustainable fibres such as bamboo and organically grown cotton and linen wherever possible. We are careful in our choice of fabric and suppliers in order to ensure both the quality and sustainability of our materials, and to also understand the origins of the fabrics and the conditions of those who manufacture them.


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Tristan Fabrique Au/Made in Canada

Tristan Fabrique Au/Made in Canada

Tristan is one of my absolute favourite destination for chic, modern, professional and quality fashion. When the sale happens I am always there scouring the sales rack for fabulous deals.  I LOVE shopping there because the styles, the cuts and the quality are all excellent. Even though my love affair with the brand started a long time ago, I fell even more in love when I found out that some of their pieces are actually produced here in Canada. Personally when it comes to price points, when I find out that an item is locally made I am more inclined to spend a few more dollars towards a purchase. I believe in supporting our local artists/designers and companies who manufacture products at home. Tristan is all about supporting the local community, bringing value and commitment to the Canadian economy. Combine this with quality products, competitive prices and great style, how can you not fall in love? I heart Tristan!

To view the latest styles visit Tristan

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