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The The Girl in The Green Scarf—Confessions of a Shopaholic Review

By: The Boy in The Green Scarf  (a.k.a Raymond Paglicauan)

Reviewing the Shopaholic

Isla Fisher stars in this under-rated chick-flick about shopping, debt, and falling in love. Fisher plays shopaholic klutz Rebecca Bloomwood who is charming as she is cunning and finds herself in the most ironic situation of her life. She unwittingly lands herself a job writing financial advice while she is neck deep in debt. The flick is charming, funny, and sweet. It is everything you’d expect in an entertaining comedy about a girl who can’t resist the seduction of display windows. Rebecca’s euphemisms and reasons for her materialistic obsession are delicious as they are sentimental. I found myself smiling throughout the entire movie and laughing every other minute. There is something about Isla Fisher that makes you want to like her in any role she’s put in. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves to shop or likes nice things. And there’s also some good eye candy in the form of the gorgeous Hugh Dancy.

Images: Radikal.ru

Isla Fisher in her Allure Magazine photoshoot.


Chick Flick: Confessions of a Shopaholic

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