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M.A.C Cosmetics Canada – FREE SHIPPING

mac canada free shipping

M.A.C Canada is offering free shipping on all purchases until March 21, 2010. No offer code is necessary.

I love MAC makeup. They have the most amazing eyeshadows! I’ve been using their products since high school. Since their merchandise is pricier than drugstore brands, I always wait for the free shipping offer when I shop online.

Click here to view the collection.

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Marcelle New Age Anti-Wrinkle Make-Up Coupon

I’ve never really liked foundation because I think that it is too fussy to use but I am slowly entering the age bracket where I may need to start wearing foundation.

So when the fabulous people at Marcelle (thank you Isabel!)  sent me  foundation to try and I was happy because I was able to try something new. I have a couple of foundation make up that I like but it is always nice to get out of the comfort zone and try new things.

So here’s the dish:

Marcelle Canada recently launched a new foundation under their New Age Anti Wrinkle + Firming line:

marcelle new age anti-wrinke make up coupon

Some of the benefits are:

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines  and crow’s feet.

Moisturizes + brightens  by evening out the skin tone.

Fades away minor skin imperfections

Light texture + oil free + light to medium coverage

Affordable —- $22.95 is the suggested retail price (keep reading for a discount!)

I really like the texture and the finishing effect because it looks natural. I think the purpose of make-up is to make it look as if one is not wearing make-up. That being said it is very important to find a perfect match (or close to) when choosing foundation.

Some tips to get the natural look:

Only apply foundation where it is needed. For me, I only apply it on my cheeks and chin (areas where I have some flaws) and then I finish the look with powder to even everything out.

For something super easy —mix foundation with moisturizer and ta da! You now have tinted foundation. Plus it is an easy 2-in-1 step if you find foundation a bit fussy (like me!).

If you would like to try the foundation, Marcelle is offering a discount coupon towards your purchase.

Click here to get $2 coupon off your purchase (valid until July 31, 2010)

Please feel free to leave and comments or your review below about the New Age Anti-Wrinkle Make-up foundation.

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Budget Beauty Find: Dove Beauty Bar

I have not used bar soap since elementary school (seriously!) because I really liked and stuck to liquid soaps and gels. I really did not like the dryness after using bar soaps. So when the fantastic people at Harbinger Ideas  offered to send me a couple of bars of Dove I jumped at the opportunity to give bar soap another chance.

dove bar canada

I saw this commercial recently and I really wanted to know if it was worth trying the bar route again.

I’ve been using Dove for about 3 weeks and I am happy with the squeaky clean results.  For me the fancy smells and shiny packagin are not really factors that I look for when shopping for soap.  I basically watch out for harsh ingredients that might irritate or dry out my skin, colour and strong fragrance. I like to keep things simple and the most important thing for me is coming out feeling really clean.

And the best thing about the Dove beauty bar? It’s super cheap ($2.69-$2.99) and even better when it’s on sale!

So stock up when you can!

Some facts about the Dove Beauty Bar:

Dove was introduced to Canada in 1964

Dove is not really classified as traditional soap (because of its ingredients it is more of a beauty bar)

You can’t see soap scum on your skin after you rinse off —- but it’s there! Soap reacts with calcium in hard water to produce soap scum.

57% of dermatologists use Dove at home

A portion of proceeds for every Dove sold goes towards the Dove Self Esteem fund

P.S. This is one of my favourite commercials!

{Special thanks to Kat for allowing me to rediscover Dove again!}

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