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Budget Fashion Find: Statement Necklace

Do ever have one of those days when you put on an outfit and immediately wish that you had something in your closet to zhoosh it up?

A dramatic necklace is THE solution to this.  Plain top + zhoosh = WOW!

Vidimus Necklace $20

Cute to the last drop Necklace $17

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Karen London Jewelry

Karen London Jewelry

I was at Costco last week and I bought a pair of marcasite mother of pearl earrings for $35 by Karen London.  I am so in love with them and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. The Jewelry To Your Doorstep/Karen London kiosk at Costco carries the most prettiest precious stones and silver jewelry. Since it’s being sold at Costco, the prices are affordable. This weekend they will be at the Etobicoke location in Ontario. The company will be travelling across Costco locations in Canada this fall.  I can’t really tell you the exact locations and dates because I’ve lost the piece of paper with all the information 🙁 I’ve sent an email to the company and I’ll update once they respond. The jewelry is quite beautiful and it will perfect to give away as Christmas gifts!

Karen Londo Jewelry

The earrings that I bought is very similar to the picture excecpt that the size is smaller and the pearl has a pink hue to it. The earrings are so glam and I love how they’re simple enough for every day wear. I might go back for more this weekend.

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Budget Fashion Find: Rhinestone Bracelet

Budget Fashion Find: Rhinestone Bracelet

forever 21 Canadaforever 21 Canada

$9.80 from Forever 21 Canada

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