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100 Ways To Save on Fashion and Beauty

This list is a work-in-progress and will be updated. This post will be placed on the side bar with a link. Come back soon for updates!

*Tips with links are highlighted


1. Shop off season

2. Shop at thrift and vintage stores

3. Shop at ethnic stores for beautiful and unique pieces. Why pay top $$$ for a cashmere scarf when you can get it from a direct dealer for 1/4 of the price? Read my scarf story.

4. Shop at outlets

5. Do a price comparison before making a purchase

6. For designer labels, check online first for deals.

7. Sample Sales

8. Shop your own closet

9. Shop your someone else’s closet

10. Attend a swap shop event

11. Sign up for newsletter updates from your favourite shops.

12. Re-evaluate your wardrobe often and keep a mental note of things that you need to buy.

13. Quality over quantity. It will save you money in the long-run

14. Update your accessories to give your current wardrobe a boost

15. Save on the trends and splurge on the classics

16. Shop at upscale vintage shops for designer labels

17. Use the cost-per-ratio before making a purchase: divide the cost by the number of times you will wear the    item

18. If you’re petite, shop in the kid’s section

19. Check online for in-store coupons and online discount codes. Google is your best friend!

20 Ask someone to buy it for you.

21. Ask for a gift certificate from your favourite store for your birthday and christmas

22. Give your wardrobe a second life by altering your clothes to make something new

23. Ask your friends and family for clothes that they don’t want anymore that you might like

24. Borrow clothes from friends and family

25. Keep your receipt for price adjustments and read the return policy

26. Make friends with the sales associates to get the inside scoop

27. Check the sale rack first when shopping

28. Shop at garage sales

29. Dye your clothes in a different colour

30. Re-dye your clothes to give life back to the look of the fabric

31. Hand wash your clothes

32. Learn how to sew

33. Watch DIY fashion videos.

34. Mix and match your clothes and take picture for future reference

35. Don’t follow every trend

36. Shop on Craigslist, Ebay or Kijiji for discounted deals.

37. Learn how to remove stains

38. Mix and match what you already have in new ways to create new outfits

39. Make your own accessories

40. Rent designer accessories

41. Learn how to score online deals.

42. Find online shops that offer designer discounts (Shopbop, Labellush, Ssense)

43. Learn how to shop wisely.

44. Find a good tailor. Good tailoring can make clothes look even better. This is useful when buying items such as suits that that are on the inexpensive side.

45.  Buy only things that you absolutely need or love and will wear multiple times

46.  To save on luxury designer goods, join for private shopping sales.

47.  Back to Basics: Practice basic grooming and hygiene

48. Learn how to develop your own signature style

49.  Shop at Costco for Jewelry and Designer Accessories. Can you believe that they carry Chanel and Fendi?

50.  Commission a student studying fashion design to create clothes. This is a great way to get a one-of-a-kind item at a fraction of the price.

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51. Have the basic items.

52. Do a price comparison online before making a purchase

53. Diane Irons is your best friend when it comes to budget beauty

54. Paula’s Choice. Effective ingredients without the price tag

55. Use what you already have at home

55. Learn how to create a spa atmosphere

56. Create a spa day for you and your friends

57. Sign up for spa updates and discounts

58. Stretch regularly and find an exercise routine that you like

59. Drink lot’s of lemon water

60. Sleep on your back and invest in a beauty pillow

61. Learn how to use your cosmetics in multiple ways

62. Eat balanced meals with lot’s of fresh organic vegetables and fruits

63.  Use natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen for cosmetic purposes

64. Use cayenne pepper or gently brush your lips with a toothbrush to get a natural pout

65. Groom your eye brows. Get it professionally done first to get an idea of what shape to follow

66. Develop an “easy” exercise routine that you will follow at least once a week

67. Take advantage of your work benefits (massage by an RMT at a beautiful spa)

68. Get your hair done by students at a hairdressing school

69. Learn how to do your own manicure and pedicure

70. Learn how to create multiple looks with your make up

71. Learn how to create basic up-dos.

72. Curl your hair with a flat iron.

73. Keep a bottle of lotion near your bed and moisturize often

74. Use a body brush to remove excess toxins

75.  Shop for discount cosmetics online.

76. Ask for samples

77. Take advantage of cosmetic bonuses

78. Ask a beautiful and stylish woman that you admire for her beauty tips

79. We are so lucky to live in such a diverse world. Read about beauty secrets from around the world.

80. Cut back on sugar, excess carbs, alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine.

81. Use organic, cold pressed olive oil as a moisturizer, hair mask, cuticle cream…

82. Learn how to create the 5 minute face

83. Beauty Basic: VASELINE.

84. Know where to splurge and where to save on make up

85. Research the ingredients and read the reviews before making a purchase.

86. Delegate a weekend every month for cleansing and detoxifying

87.  Go to a make up counter and ask for a complimentary make over

88.  Shop at factory, warehouse clear-outs for discounted cosmetics.

89. Shop after the holidays for deals on perfume box sets and make up sets

90. Practice good posture. One of Tim Gunn’s fashion and beauty tips!

91. Buy Diane Iron’s books or watch her videos on using everyday products for beauty.

92. Learn how to create hair highlights at home

93. Give yourself an energizing facial massage.

94. Avoid tanning. Opt for a faux glow or learn how to enhance your natural colour.

95. Sleep more.

96. Local Deals: Check out The Best Canadian Fashion and Beauty Deals for discounts

97. Take 5 minutes a day to meditate and breath deeply

98. Chew, taste and savour food slowly. The faster that you eat, the more you will eat.

99. Learn how to say no, be happy and make time for yourself.

100. Subscribe to The Cheap Girl 🙂 — See the side bar


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