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Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas





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Celebrity Beauty Tips: Kim Kardashian’s Hair Color

Hair color tips from Kim Kardashian’s colorist. Rebecca Friedman, celebrity colorist expert at Goodform Salon in Hollywood, LA shares some things to keep in mind when coloring your hair.


1. What is a realistic level of lightness for me to achieve given my current hair color?

2. I’ve had previous chemical treatments on my hair; will this effect how light I can go?

3. What tones will best suit my complexion?

4. Will the texture of my hair change after I lighten it?

5. How often will I have to come it for touch ups?

6. Do styling products for color treated hair really work?

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What to wear to a job interview

Q: I have a few upcoming job interviews and I don’t have money to invest in a nice suit 🙁 . I want to use what I currently have and I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Help!

A: When it comes to interview attire I always go by the rule of less is more. Keep it conservative and simple. The good news is that you don’t always have to wear a suit and there are many “suit-less” options while still looking professional. A pencil skirt or tailored dress pants paired with a pretty top or a plain well fitting tee. Add a simple chain or pearls to finish off the look. Another option is to wear a classic sheath dress. Add a cardigan or a blazer if you want to add a layer to the look. Remember to keep jewelry to a minimum (earring OR necklace but not both) and pair your outfits with bags and shoes on the classic side. Good luck!

Longsleeve Tops by Banana Republic at ShopStyle

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Day Dresses by Banana Republic at ShopStyle

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Cardigans by Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Shell-button cardigan $59.50 – Banana Republic

Pumps by Talbots at ShopStyle

Suede pointy-toe pump $149.00 – Talbots

Necklaces by Judith Jack at ShopStyle

Judith Jack – Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace $125.00 SALE $93.75

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