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Simple Money Saving Ideas for Small Weddings

A girlfriend of mine decided that she and her long-time partner wanted to get married but without all the fuss. Within a week she had her immediate family assembled at her house (she requested that they come dressed in white but did not tell them that it was for their wedding…surprise), booked a caterer and said their “I do’s” in their living room. The affair was lovely, elegant and relatively stress free.

My own wedding was the same. We decided to get married the day after Valentines Day and we had a week to plan. I wore a red dress that I already owned, created my own bouquet and had dinner at a one of our favourite restaurant with family to celebrate. We saved a lot of money by keeping it simple and if we ever decide to do something big, we can always do so when we renew our vows.

Here are some money saving tips for the wedding day if you decide to have a small, last minute celebration.


Evites or a group email. No fancy paper invitations allowed. 🙂

DIY bouquet and Flowers

Ask a your florist to suggest combinations or for a classic and chic look, choose one colour using the same type or different variety of flowers. Cut the stems to your desired length and wrap ends with a satin or silk ribbon. Don’t forget to check the discount section for flower sales or visit your local Costco for deals. Have one centre piece and place it in a strategic location like the head table at the reception dinner or the centre of the food table for buffet style affairs.

chic wedding flowers

chic wedding flowers


If you have a small group, take your guests to your favourite restaurant or a buffet. You can always have a post-celebration meal over brunch or afternoon tea after the wedding. When hosting the reception at home, in lieu of gifts, make it a pot luck. Order take-out favourites like Chinese, Italian, Greek or Thai and serve in nice platters. Set up a separate table for alcohol – red wine, white wine and beer.  Instead of a wedding cake, order cupcakes (you can also decorate them yourself) and top the centre cupcake(s) with a wedding topper. Set up a dessert bar station with ice cream, bulk candy and chocolate.

bride and groom topper

bride and groom topper


Use what you currently have or borrow for the ceremony. You can always shop for rings after the wedding.


Wear a dress that you already own and buy a nice a pair of wedding shoes or accessories. To get more mileage, choose a style that can be worn again or altered or opt for another colour other than white. If you don’t have much time, always choose express shipping and have a back up dress just in case….cuz ya never know.

Hair and makeup

Opt for an easy hairstyle. If you are clueless about hair like me, get a blow out the day of the wedding and keep your makeup simple. with neutral colours. Some spas/salons offer partial make-up and touch up options that is less expensive than a full face makeup application. Make sure to come in with your foundation/base on.

Wedding Help

Assign a friend or a relative to help out during the big day to lessen the load and ensure that things go smoothly.

Inject your personality and your spouse’s in the little details. Everything does not have to be perfect so keep things simple and go with the flow so that you can enjoy a  stress-free wedding day with your future husband or wife, friends and family.


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The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce Masquerade Hair Tutorial


Katherine Pierce Masquerade Video Hair Tutorial:

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How To: Quick Easy Updo Hairstyle

Here is a quick and easy updo that I did for one of my recent image consulting photo shoots.  If you are new to doing hairstyles this is super easy and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Perfect for every day or dressy occasions!

All you need are the following:

* Hair elastic

* Bobby pins

* Hairspray

* Hair serum

* Hair accessories for embellishment

Step 1:

Apply a bit of hair serum to the hair (we did not use any serum on the image above, hence the slight frizz)

Step 2:

Pull hair back and secure in a high ponytail.

Step 3:

Take small sections of the hair and wrap around your fingers rolling towards the base of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 4:

Apply hairspray for extra hold.

Step 5:

Add a jewel head band (like above), crystal pins or flowers as embellishment.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.


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