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My love affaire with clothes started when at the age of 12 when I came upon my first grown up fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar. My girl friend’s mom worked at the airport and she always had access to the latest magazines. Thanks to her I was able to graduate from Teen Bop to the world of couture.  Claudia Schiffer (photographed by Patrick Demarchelier) was the cover girl in the March issue.  I would spend hours looking at the beautiful creations from designers like Donna Kara, St. John, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein. I remember flipping the scented pages and I felt so grown up and sophisticated. Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Nadja Auerman and Karen Mulder had spreads in that magazine. Ahhh the era of the 90’s supermodel glamazons. I miss those days.

I remember the fashions that were in the pages. Still very wearable today. Note to self: look through old issues of Harper’s Bazaar. I think that if I dig deep enough I might still have that issue.  Here’s hoping! Nowadays, fashion inspiration can come from many sources, the internet being the most common. I spend hours looking through websites, blogs and social media sites for new things everyday. Sometimes it can cause a bit of a sensory overload. It would leave me feeling a little burnt out and I have to pull back and check out for a while. But I can never get enough because I love being stimulated and being inspired. It’s like an addiction of some sort.

Even though I love the internet and can get digital subscriptions, I grew up reading magazines and I really like the feel of the glossy itself. It’s the same way about how some older people (my parents) feel about having a physical newspaper vs a digital copy. It feels comfortable and nostalgic. Hmmm, maybe I am getting old myself. 🙂

Anyway, in this economy it is always great to save a little money here and there.  If you’re thinking of getting a subscription to one of your favourite fashion glossies  (Vogue, Elle, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, etc), visit Subscription Addiction and use coupon code: MOM15PER to get a 15% discount.


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