Easy Budget Halloween Costume Wigs from Ardene

I cannot wait to buy these!

So this Halloween my budget for a costume is $20. Most of the “props” that I need will come from my closet. All I really want to do is buy a wig in a funky colour. I am going to wear a LBD (check!) with black fishnets (check!), glitter makeup (check!) and strands of pearls (check!). I guess that I can also borrow a karaoke mike buy a tiara and pretend that I am a wannabe k-pop star?

I really, really want to rock an midnight blue or indigo blue wig in real life so this is a way to try to it out on the cheap side before I invest in a good quality wig. Plus, I need to see if I can get away with blue hair!

The Cheap Girl’s Pick: Colourful Halloween Wigs from Ardene $14.50


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