{Inspiration} Ivanka Trump’s Make up

{Inspiration} Ivanka Trump’s Make up

– By Slina Asghar

Ivanka Trump’s look these days consists of a minimal amount of makeup with a youthful radiant glow. To achieve this look, the following products are recommended.

ivanka trump make up tips

Face: Apply a very sheer foundation. Ivanka’s skin is glowing especially in the highlighted areas such as the cheekbones, chin, nose and forehead. Highlighting certain areas of the face can certainly accentuate your features. To achieve this look, the following products can be used:

Step 1
Skin: MAC’s Strobe Liquid, also available in Strobe cream (recommended for those with dryer skin). This moisturizer can also be mixed in with a skin primer for maximum wear.

Step 2
Foundation: MAC’s Face and Body foundation, a sheer water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides long-lasting, natural coverage and is Ideal for all skin types. This product is best applied with a sponge as opposed to a foundation brush. Once the liquid foundation has been applied, dust off the skin with any sheer translucent powder.

Step 3
Eyes: Regardless of the look, you always want to apply a primer to the eyelid area. A Primer will not only hold the colour, it will also prevent creasing. Recommended Products: MAC’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot or Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow in Transforming Potion. This product is best applied with a stiff bristled brush.
Brow Highlight: Once the primer has been applied, with a soft bristled eye brush apply a light iridescent shimmer shadow under the eyebrows as well as a small amount in the tear duct area of the eye. Recommended colours: MAC’s Shroom or NYX’s White pearl.

Lid Colour: The next thing you want to do is apply a base colour, a mute shade that compliments your skin tone. This colour can be applied in a matte shade or one with iridescence. Try to avoid a frost or lustre consistencies. Recommended colours: MAC’s Brule-matte or Soba-Satin.
Crease Colour: With applying a contour colour, this shade should be a deep brown or grey, best applied with a small tapered brush.  The crease colour should be applied a small amount at a time as this method allows the colours to blend perfectly together. Recommended Colours: MAC’s Cork-Matte, Texture-Velvet or Woodwinked-Veluxe Pearl.

Eye Liner: Ivanka’s look consists of a Smokey eye. For this reason, the eyeshadow colours are particularly nude and the eyeliner/shadowing creates most of the attention to the eyes. To achieve this, I like to use two products: Stila’s Smudge Pot-Cobalt and MAC’s Carbon Eyeshadow-Matte. With Mac’s #266 brush, apply a small amount of Cobalt to the brush and line the eyes (on the lash line both top and bottom, inner rim of the eye). Clean off the brush, apply a small amount of Carbon shadow and go over the liner. This would omit the look of harsh liner to create a soft smokey look.

Mascara: Always be sure to curl your lashes with a good quality eyelash curler. Shiseido’s eyelash curler is highly recommended. Ivanka’s lashes are full and rich with her current look. One of my most recent favourite mascaras is L’oreal’s Collagen Mascara. The darkest colour would top off the look.

Step 4
Blush: Ivanka’s cheekbones are standing out beautifully with a peachy pink blush. We have 2
options to create this look. The first one is to apply a blushcreme with a duo fibre brush.
blushcremes are usually used to create more of a dewy look on the cheek bones and overall make the skin feel more moisturized. It is a great option for individuals with a dryer skin type. Recommended Products: MAC’s Posey Blushcreme. The second option is to apply a powder blush with a slight shimmer. Try Lancome’s Shimmer Pink.

Step 5
Lips: Since Ivanka’s eyes are smokier, they are the focus in her look. For this reason, a simple gloss should be applied to polish off the look. However, this cannot be any gloss. You would want to apply a cool tone with a high shine. I would highly recommend MAC’s Babysparks-Dazzleglass. By far a personal favourite!

This look is ideal for the fall and winter. Not only does it make your skin glow, it also has one focal point: the eyes. Ivanka is not only a fashion icon, she is an independent, hardworking business woman. Following in her footsteps can only be a good thing.

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