Price Adjustments

Price Adjustments

I often try to never pay regular price for clothes unless I really, really want or need it. I am just cheap that way. I would just opt to wait for the sale and pray to the universe to reserve a size xs for me. Sometimes I am lucky but most times I miss out. Thank goodness for price adjustments. I went to H&M over the weekend to do an exchange. While I made my way to the register, I saw a dress that I bought a few weeks ago marked down to $20 from $59. I spoke to the sales associate and he said that H&M offers price adjustments within 30 days of the purchase. So I dragged T (such a sweetheart xoxo) to take me back to the mall the next day to do the adjustment. On top of that, the dress that I originally brought to exchange was also marked down. 2 discounts in 2 days, cha-ching! I think that this solves my problem of losing out on the xs sizes.  Merchandise at H&M moves so quickly that things always go on sale. From now on I can buy things at regular price and see if I can get an adjustment towards the end of the 30 days.  I know that Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy offer a one time price adjustment.  If a store marks items down on sale but does not offer price adjustments you can always buy the item again and return your original purchase within the return policy period. I’ve done this before and it’s a bit of a chore but if it saves me money I am all for it.

Stores that offer price adjustments:

(Please check with the in-store  sales associates or the store website for full details on return policies and price adjustments)

* Gap

* Old Navy

* Banana Republic

* H&M ( Edit: A reader mentioned that H&M does not offer adjustments—See comments)

* Jacob

* Jacob Connexion

* French Connection Canada

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