Jewelry Basics


Pearl necklace and studs

A classic piece that can be passed on from one generation to the next without going out of style. You don’t have to wear the necklace with the studs. I prefer not too because it looks very matronly.  I like  wearing pearls with dressy ensembles but love wearing it more with casual looks. My favourite outfit includes a simple black t-shirt, skinny jeans, pearl studs or necklace and a designer bag. Uber chic to the max. If you’re dainty and have a small bone structure, choose smaller pearls.


Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings remind me of rock band chic and cool summer nights. Hoop earrings work with any outfit except for dressy events cocktail or black tie events. They’re too casual. Wear the earrings with a flowery chiffon dress, a solid black ensemble, turtleneck, denim jacket. The list goes on. Just don’t wear it with the little black dress.


Chain with pendant

This can work with everyday or weekend wear. Gold or silver with a gemstone, a modern pendant or a charm at the end. I’ve always favoured lockets, even as a child. They’re romantic and I love the history and the story that a antique piece tells. Wear with suits, jeans and a t-shirt, a dress, you name it.


Diamond or CZ studs

I love studs. They’re simple, clean and can work with any outfit. If you can’t get diamond studs, get a pair of good quality cubic zirconia earrings. Shhhh, no one will know the difference.


Dangling Earrings

If you can’t wear hoops to a social function then dangling earrings will be your best friend. I like chandelier and linear styles. Choose solid gold, silver or platinum encrusted with crystals or semi-precious stones. Wear with casual or dressy outfits.


A cuff bracelet or bangles or an evening watch bracelet (cocktail watches)

I love how cuffs or a set of bracelets add instant glam to an outfit. When wearing bracelets, earrings can be worn but leave the necklace at home. I like the functionality of watch bracelets/cocktail watches. I was going to put watches all on their own but with the  the presence of cell phones, who wears watches all the time? For dressier events I assume that most people have cell phones in their evening purses so having a dressy watch is not really needed.


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