How to Create Perfect Eyebrows

I found this really goo video on creating fabulous eyebrows. I’ve listed the steps as a guideline for the video.

You will need:

– Eyebrow brush,  eyebrow scissors, tweezers, brow pencil, a kit with a trio of eyebrow colours to fill in spots) and an eyebrow gel.

Step 1:

Brush your brows upward.

Step 2:

Trim stray eyebrow hairs.

Step 3:

Shape brows.

Step 4:

Find the highest part of the arch.

Step 5:

Trace guideline.

Step 6:

Begin tweezing within your guideline area.

Step 7:

Fill in sparse area with eyebrow shadow.

Step 8:

Use eyebrow pencil to set eyebrows.

Step 9:

Apply eyebrow gel or clear mascara.

Source: youtube

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