Budget Fashion Tip: How to shop sales

By Oliva De Leon-Gan

Find out what you need. Organize your closet and find out what you don’t have or what needs to be replaced (see The Classic Wardrobe). Think a couple of seasons ahead and write down a list of things that you should keep an eye out for.

Shop around before you buy the first thing that you see. Check other stores that carry the same styles and compare prices.

To avoid an impulse purchase, sleep on it. If you’re still thinking about it a few days later, go ahead and buy it. I do this every time I am not sure about purchasing an item and it keeps me from going beyond my means.

Know where to save and where to splurge. Spend money on items that will carry you for many seasons to come. As for trends, keep it on the cheap side.

Quality over quantity. Check the fabric, the fit and the stitching. If it’s badly made, don’t throw your money away!

Understand the store policy. Find out if items can be exchanged or returned. Before making a purchase on a final sale item make sure that it fits and that you will get decent mileage from the purchase (i.e if you’re only going to wear it once, unless it’s super cheap it’s probably not worth it).

Shop off season or end of the season. Buy your winter clothes in the spring and your summer clothes in the fall. Stock up on items on your classic list. Shoes, bags and bathing suits go on sale mid-summer and sweaters and boots go on sale mid-winter.

Shop at outlet malls and at larger chains for staples such as socks and underwear.

If you’re petite, shop in the kid’s section. H&M and Zara are good places to start.

For expensive, designer items. Go to the store to try the clothes on then check ebay to see if you can get it for a cheaper price.

Visit your local high end consignment and vintage store for designer items.

Visit websites like The Cheap Girl for sales and coupons. Subscribe to your favourite store’s mailing list for sale updates.

image: grace magazine

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