10 Cosmetic Uses for Vaseline



1. Use Vaseline to hydrate and accentuate your lashes.  Apply Vaseline to your lashes with your finger tips and separate with a lash brush.

2. Before going to bed, give your hands and feet deep hydration by applying the product generously then covering your hands and feet with cotton gloves and cotton socks. Ypu will wake up with baby soft skin.

3. Use Vaseline to moisturize your cuticles.  Great for manipedis!

4. Vaseline also doubles as a lip gloss. Use it to add shine and to moisturize your lips.

5.  A great substitute for massage oil. You may also warm it up for added pleasure.

6. Great for taming unruly eyebrows and baby hair that won’t stay put.

7. Before applying hair colour, rub Vaseline on your forehead and neck area to prevent colour stains on your skin.

8. Mix your old tubes of lipstick with a bit of Vaseline to create new lipgloss colours.  This can also double as a cream blush.

9.  Mix with a tiny amount of glitter and apply all over the face and body for a dewy look.

10. Makes a great all over moisturizer. Apply immediately after stepping out of the shower.

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